Why Wait Until You Grow Up!

Hi guys! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I almost can’t believe it is real. I’m just a 9 year old girl who asked my mom if I could write a book and start a blog. Now that both are really happening, it makes me think about how easy it was to just ASK for what I wanted! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get scared to ask my mom or teachers to help me do BIG things that I really want to do. I can’t figure out exactly why. I just do. I couldn’t believe it when I asked my mom if she could help me write a book, that we would actually do it. She made me show her that I was serious by writing out an outline and giving her my ideas. After I did my part, she helped me put it altogether. Just like that!

Now that I know that asking for help to make some of my big dreams come true is possible, I am so excited about all of the other dreams that I have. I have so many big things that I want to do, like start my own YouTube channel (which is already in the works), write more books, and create my own natural skin care products. I’m already creating a calendar for my blogs and the videos that I want to put on my YouTube channel. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s so much fun!

I think that a lot of us have some really amazing ideas. I also know that so many of us have talents like writing, drawing, singing, dancing, and other things. We can do these things really well right now. How many times have you been asked this question?



I think that adults ask us this question so much that we automatically think that we have to wait until we grow up to do a lot of the things that we dream about. I’m sure that is true for some things. But for other things, we don’t have to wait. Some dreams, we can make come true NOW! My mom always tells me that the world is so big, but I am bigger because my imagination has things that the world has not seen yet. I think that you do too! So, I wanted to use my first blog post to tell you guys that we don’t have to wait to make our dreams come true. We can ask someone to help us now. Even if you feel like you don’t have anyone to ask, you can always ask me! I’m just a kid, but I have so many grown-ups in my family and around me that have cool jobs and know a lot of stuff. I am happy to ask your question to people that I know to try to help you!

So, what big dreams have you been thinking about? I really would like to know them if you’re willing to share. Please share your dreams in the comments below. If not, that’s okay too. I just hope that after reading this, you will reach out to someone you trust and ask them to help you do something great that you really would love to do. I’m going to be right here on my site making sure that I share everything that I learn about following my dreams and using my leadership skills. So, make sure you come back and visit often! Don't forget to drop your comments below!                      

Peace out Homie Quan!!

- Aubs